Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Writing for Teens

When I pitch articles or stories for a teen market I like to say, "Nobody knows teenagers better than a teenager herself!" (Even though, technically, I am no longer a teenager -- I've officially passed the decade-mark into my twenties.)

Are you looking to write for a teen audience? Even if you're not a teen yourself, you can sound authentic and compelling even to the most angst-filled teenager. I recently came across this article, which will help you hone your style and voice to engage teen readers:


Johanna said...

Hi Dallas,
I'm a staff writer and editor at Thanks for linking to us and we’re glad you found the article helpful. This site is a great idea for getting your writing out there. From your list of published pieces, it looks like you're making great steps into a blossoming writing career. And at such a young age! Most people in college are still trying to figure out what career path they want to take. But, I think once you know you want to write, that's a rap! Keep writing in a variety of different environments, on a wide range of topics, in a slew of different mediums, and for a bunch of different types of publications. You can always hone in on a type and style later on, but you'll be a much richer writer for experimenting. Best of luck,
Johanna, Assistant Editor,

Dallas said...

Thanks for your kind words, Johanna! I agree about writing on a variety of different topics and in a variety of different styles to expand your writing voice and build different "writing muscles" and strengths. I love your website -- what a fabulous resource! Keep up the great work, and keep in touch.