Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Marketing the Muse"

I was fortunate enough to meet talented writer and marketing dynamo Marla Miller a few years ago at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. Marla leads a workshop on marketing and took me under her wing -- her encouragement lasted not only for the course of the week-long conference, but still lifts me up today whenever I am feeling discouraged or uninspired. Indeed, Marla was the one who helped me secure a post as Coordinator of the Young Writers Program at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference a couple years later.

Now she has created a website,, to be an extension of the workshops she teaches at writers conferences.
Not only does Marla share fantastic insights and advice about the writing business, she also leads by example -- the site is so easy to navigate and eye-catching that you can learn a lot simply by browsing through it.

Great writing simply isn't enough these days -- you also have to be able to market yourself. That's why Marla's site is such a gift. Check it out!

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