Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Markets for Young Writers

Poetic Monthly Magazine

Accepts submissions by writers of all ages. In the October issue, PM featured a 10-year-old writer/ illustrator. PM features the top 25 poems of the month's submissions, plus articles about writing, one-page short stories and visual arts. All content in the magazine is family-friendly.


An online magazine for teens and young adults ages 14–20. The magazine covers transportation from all angles, from the infrastructure to the vehicles to the people behind the wheel—whether that “wheel” is on a car, truck, train, plane, or ship. They encourage people ages 14 to 20 to submit personal essays or opinion pieces for the Teen POV column. Possible topics might be graduated drivers licenses, using a cell phone while driving, or anything else that affects young people and is related to transportation. Teen POV columns are accepted at any time. Length should be about 500 words. Submit your piece as a Word attachment to They'll pay $50 for each piece we publish and will also give you a Go! t-shirt.

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