Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guest Post by Garasamo Maccagnone: Promote Your Book With Video!

Today we have the pleasure of hosting the book trailer for Garasamo Maccagnone’s recently released novel, St. John of the Midfield. Along with Garasamo’s trailer, this article by Maccagnone offers some suggestions for how to use YouTube for marketing your book.

Are you looking to create video to us in marketing your book? Or, are you looking for a way to get the video you already have in front of viewers? YouTubing is a form of social networking where people share their interests as well as create and post their own videos. Once posted, a video clip is keyword searchable and eligible to be placed in the playlist of anyone who finds the clip enjoyable. This is very helpful as you can use video to attract viewers and place your book trailer or video clip where it can be seen by your audience.

Playlists also appear in keyword searches with YouTube ranking keyword search results for playlists based in part on the number of clips in a list. Viewers who are searching on a theme are likely to run through an entire playlist and will save clips they like best to their own lists. They also have the option of emailing clips they like to a friend or of capturing and imbedding clips into their own site.

Take advantage of YouTube and attract readers interested in your book themes by creating a playlist of clips that will capitalize on theme-based keyword searches. Once you have a playlist created you are ready to place your own video or book trailer in front of the searching public.

Consider creating and/or posting:
  • Author video blogs
  • A slideshow video clip with an audio excerpt from your book
  • Video book reviews from a professional reviewer
  • Book Trailers

Tips for creating YouTube video clips and book trailers:

  • Ideally, a clip should run from one to three minutes in length. 
  • Avoid defining what the characters look like as most readers prefer to visualize what they are reading as they imagine it, placing themselves as the hero or heroine.
  • Incorporate audio in the form of music to add emotion and depth.
  • Use video comprised of still images or a mixture of stills and video.
  • Insert written stills or scrolling written teasers.
  • Images and content should directly relate to the content of your book.
  • Content should convey a sense of what the book is about without spoilers.
  • Keep in mind that the goal of your video clip is to capture the interest of the viewer, to create excitement about the book, and to encourage people to buy.
  • Make sure you have set appropriate keyword tags on your video playlist, and have links to your author Web page in your YouTube channel profile settings. 
With your video or book trailer created and your playlist set up, the social networking aspect of your promotional efforts are set in motion. The YouTube channel and playlist you have set up are now ready to redirect traffic to your home page and the links to purchase your book.

Have fun and enjoy the creative process.

Tomorrow, Vonnie Faroqui will post a review of St. John of the Midfield, at her blog Follow Vonnie on Twitter: @inkslngrswhmz. For the full tour schedule be sure to visit


Gary said...

Thanks for featuring my novel, "St. John of the Midfield". I'm looking forward to answering questions from your viewers. At the time, I'm midway through a novel entitled, "The Sorrows of Pebble Creek". I was writing another piece and somehow was diverted to an entirely different work. That happens often in the writing game.
For more information on my other books, readers can go to: or to:

Again, thanks for having me.

Vonnie said...

Gary, How much input did you have in the making of your book trailer?

What was that experience like for you?

Gary said...

Jason McDowell created my first trailer. (I believe there are 3 on Youtube for the novel). In all cases, I let the creative teams' do their thing. The depictions and images they used were different but they all summed up the novel in a way that I liked. Therefore, it was a good experience.

Dallas said...

Gary, thank you so much for being my guest today! It is a pleasure to have you here!