Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flash Fiction Story Published

Exciting news! My flash fiction piece "Wedding Day" is featured today on the wonderfully zany new lit zine Dr. Hurley's Snake-Oil Cure. The goal of this literary journal is to "attack tedium in all its forms" and it is meant to be a "course of healing that will lead [readers] back to vitality, interest, health and youth." I am honored to have my story published by them!

Here is the opening of my story:

A bride, dressed in white gown and flowing veil, totters in high heels down the uneven pavement past Simone's CafĂ©. She holds a bouquet of red and orange chrysanthemums. Three men, wearing black tuxes, accompany her; one of them holds up the hem of her dress so it doesn't drag on the ground. 

"Congratulations!" I call out, raising my paper cup of coffee in a toast.

They stare at me, confused. Maybe they don't speak English? They are Asian, all of them, perhaps not born in America, perhaps immigrants from Japan or China, Taiwan or Korea. Or Thailand, maybe? Is Thailand an Asian country, or is it South American? My wife always had a thing for Thailand. Some friend of hers traveled there in college, for spring break or something, and wouldn't stop gushing about how beautiful it was, and ever since then Molly got it into her head that she wanted to go there...

# # #

You can read the rest at I'd love to hear your comments!


Slamdunk said...

Congrats Dallas on your recognition and I am off to take a look.

Dallas said...

Thank you! :)

Kienna said...

Congratulations! Just read the whole thing and really enjoyed it! I loved how his divorce with Molly was gradually revealed through his train of thought that began with just seeing a foreign-looking bride.

Dallas said...

Thanks Kienna! What an insightful reading. I so loved having you at camp last weekend and hope you have a wonderful trip -- can't wait to hear about Mt. Whitney! :)