Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Will you join our Indiegogo Campaign to help produce my play in NYC?

Hi everyone! A couple months back I shared the exciting news that my play "A Frog in Boiling Water" is going to be produced in New York City as part of the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival! (Read my interview on the Samuel French website here: http://oob.samuelfrench.com/index.php/a-frog-boiling-in-water-by-dallas-woodburn/)

I could not be more thrilled to be part of this prestigious festival and to be working with the amazing director Brian Gillespie and Pull Together Productions.

We're looking for a little bit of help to cover the costs of producing and rehearsing the show for its Off Off Broadway, New York premiere on October 27th. We've created an Indiegogo page with various "perks" for donors, including a thank-you shout-out on our Facebook page, the Pull Together Productions website, and right here on this blog!

  • Donation Amount: $10 or more
  • Name of Perk: "Simmering"
    Description: You are heating things up. With a donation of $10 or more you will receive a shout-out on our Facebook page!
  • Donation Amount: $25 or more
  • Name of Perk:"Percolating"
    Description: You're getting warmer. With a donation of $25 or more, you will be listed on Pull Together Productions website and Dallas Woodburn's Writing Life website as a sponsor, and receive a shout-out on our Facebook page!
  • Donation Amount: $50 or more
  • Name of Perk: "Bubbling Up"
    Descripton: You're cooking with gas. With a donation of $50 or more, you will receive a poster signed by the cast and crew, as well as a listing on our websites as a sponsor and a shout-out on our Facebook page!
  • Donation Amount: $100 or more
  • Name of Perk: "Boiling"
    Description: You're fired up. With a donation of $100.00 or more, you will receive a photo from the production signed by the cast, a poster signed by the cast and crew, as well as a listing as a sponsor on our websites and a shout-out on our Facebook page!

About the Play:

On the surface, an ordinary family lives a sheltered existence — but on a dry, still Friday night, something is sparked to life that reveals the tension and secrets behind their perfect facade and ultimately changes their lives forever.

About the Festival:

Now in its 37th year, The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival is Manhattan’s oldest, continuous short play festival. In the first 36 years of the Festival, over 500 theatre companies and schools from across the U.S. and around the world have participated. The Festival has served as a doorway to future success for many aspiring playwrights, and has helped launched the work of notables such as Theresa Rebeck. In many cases, Festival participation has sparked agent contracts for Festival finalists and all of the final forty plays selected to be perform in New York are guaranteed to be seen by an Artistic Director of a major theater, a professional playwright, and a theatrical agent. Many past Festival playwrights have gone on to win major Playwriting awards and honors, as well as to have major theatrical productions of their works staged.

Check out the festival's website for more info: http://oob.samuelfrench.com

What your donation will go towards:
  • Rehearsal Space - Your donations will go directly towards paying for rehearsal space in New York City (average rate for rehearsal studios is about 25-30 dollars an hour)
  • Costumes, Props and Music - Even on a shoestring budget, it's important to have the props you need and to find costumes that help reveal the characters. Finding just the right music also helps to enhance the telling of the story. Your donations will help us make the show look and sound its best.
  • Promotional Materials – postcards and posters to help spread the word and get a great audience.
  • Actor Stipends - Our wonderful actors are basically donating their time for free to be part of this neat play in such a prestigious festival. But we will be reimbursing them for their travel expenses and you're donations will help pay for those.
We don't need much; about $1000 should come pretty close to covering our expenses. But that's just a little bit more than a struggling New York director and a grad. student playwright can pay for out of pocket. We're hoping friends and supporters like you can pitch-in and help us along. Every donation, no matter what amount, will help us make this play a success.

Thank you! 

Here's the link one more time: http://www.indiegogo.com/afroginboilingwater?a=21564

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Audrey said...

Hi Dallas,
Nice to catch up with what you're doing. I didn't know you wrote plays as well! Since you published my story in Dancing With the Pen, I've become interested in Drama, film and screenwriting. Please check out my newest venture: Fountain of Youth Productions.

-Audrey Larson (age 14)