Friday, February 6, 2015

Guest Post: Top 10 Editing Tools

Top 10 Editing Tools for Freelance Writers

A Guest Post 

by Robert Morris

Believe it or not, even professional editors rely on technology in order to come up with a polished piece of content. Since not all freelance writers can hire their own editors to clean after the mistakes they make, they can start using the same tools for ultimate effectiveness.

Although some of the tools in the following list take some time getting used to, they are still easy to incorporate into your daily working practice. The end result will be improved content, which is something everyone appreciates.

This efficient website helps you check definitions, spelling, and word breaks. The online version works perfectly fine, but you can increase the effectiveness of the tool if you download the app available for iPad and Android. The difference is that the app has a voice look-up feature.

No matter how many automated editing tools you use, they cannot replace a real editor who checks every single aspect of the content while preserving your writer’s voice. Hiring a real editor can cost a lot of money, but not when you’re dealing with NinjaEssays – an essay writing service that enables you to rely on the assistance of professional editors for a really affordable price. Plus, you can hire writers to help you when you get stuck with an overwhelming piece.

Although some editors prefer using Adobe Acrobat Pro, the PDF XChangeViewer and Adobe Reader XI are effective as well. The PDF markup tool for proofreading the text before you print it will help you identify and fix the minor mistakes in your content.

Editing your own work is not only about fixing the flaws; the process also involves making sure that it’s free of plagiarism. Copyscape is one of the most efficient plagiarism checkers you could possibly use.

Not many freelance writers bother with proper referencing. However, if you are writing serious content, you have to be aware of the citation standards before publishing it. With the help of this tool, you can check if the references in your writing are cited correctly.       
If you have no idea how to format the references, then you should start using Bibme – an automated tool that helps you create citations in Turabian, APA, MLA, and Chicago style. This tool works best if you are working on lengthier content, such as an eBook for example.

This accurate editing software will help you identify errors and typos in a Microsoft Word document. All mistakes that went unnoticed under the word processor’s radar will be identified with PerfectIt. These are the aspects you can improve with this tool: abbreviation definitions, consistent hyphenation and capitalization, international spelling variations, list/bullet capitalization and punctuation, and capitalization of headings.

This tool will clean up every formatting mishap in your content. Freelance writers usually write a lot of content on a daily basis, so it’s easy to miss some extra spaces between words, sentences and paragraphs, and leave other minor mistakes that could spoil the experience of a reader. The tool will clean unnecessary tabs, multiple returns, and other mistakes that contribute towards a messy-looking document. 

With so many tools available today, it’s easy to underestimate the value of the good Word. Your usual word processor can be a reliable editing tool if you use its entire potential through the following built-in tools: dictionary and spell check, reference tool, find and replace, table to text tool, reorder list function, track changes and comments, and more.

This tool will help you make sure that all internal and external links and cross-references in your document are valid. Link Checker enables you to look only for suspicious links, see all links in a tree view, and edit/remove links in a couple of clicks.

Now that you have the list of top 10 editing tools for freelancers, aren’t you inspired to start delivering better content? Start using them today!

BIO: Robert Morris is a freelance writer from NYC. Homeschools his son, writes about science and love. Circle Robert on Google+.


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