Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"The Great Sledding Hill" by young writer Benjamin Webb

Today I am proud to publish this wonderful story by young writer Benjamin Webb. If you are interested in reading more work by young writers, why not order a personalized copy of Dancing With The Pen II: a collection of today's youth writing here or on Amazon here.


The Great Sledding Hill 

by Benjamin Webb

The car thumped on the road surrounded in milky white snow. My dad and I were going to a school because behind it there was supposed to be a sledding hill.

Soon we arrived and my dad parked in a parking lot by what looked like a colorful playground. It was hard to see anything because of the snow falling. When I got out of the car I saw the school. It had three floors!

My dad got out my orange sled and we walked to a metal gate.

“How do we get past?” I asked. “It looks locked -- we won’t be able to go sledding!”

“Let’s try,” my dad said and pushed on the gate. Suddenly the gate swung open.

“That did the trick!” I shouted to be heard over the howling wind.

We walked for a minute and I started falling down a slope. My dad grabbed me and pulled me back up. “Be careful,” he warned.

Then I realized that it was not a small slope, it was the hill. It was bigger than our house! You could go skiing on this hill, I thought. Maybe it’s too big.

“Get in the sled,” my dad said.

I got in.

“Ready?” my dad asked.

“Ready” I said slowly. My heart was pounding as I took off down the hill. “Whoa!” I hollered, “This is better than a roller coaster!”

Uh oh, I thought. There was a bump in the hill. The sled flung over the bump and I landed in the soft snow.

“That was something,” I said finally. “I have gone sledding before, but this hill is amazing!” I got up and brushed the snow out of my mittens. Everything seemed okay.

The wind died down and it wasn’t as cold. “Wait -- how am I going to get back up?” I questioned. “Well, I think I have to climb.” I started running up the hill as my sled dragged behind me. “This isn’t too bad,” I said. “Climbing is easy.”

Then I tripped and fell down and noticed some gray concrete stairs. “That is probably easier than climbing.” I laughed and started going up the stairs.

When I got up to the top, my dad waved. I went down the hill over and over again.


Benjamin is 9 years old and loves math, cats, animals, and video games. He has a fish named Rainbow and a cat named Misha. He also likes swimming, hiking and loves drawing.

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