Monday, July 6, 2009

Guest Post by Rajiv Khanna

Here are some a great tips sent in from my dear friend Rajiv, who has always been a huge supporter of Write On! Thanks, Rajiv!

One cannot overstate the importance of spending some quality alone time with yourself each day. Here are some things you may want to include in your routine:

1. Deep breathing: Take at least ten deep breaths. With each breath, fill in your lungs as completely as possible; then hold the breath as long as comfortably possible. Deep breathing helps to boost your energy level.

2. Affirmation of goals: Remind yourself of your writing, career, health, and life goals.

3. Visualization: Visualize yourself confidently working through your tasks/goals for the day.

4. Self affirmation: Remind yourself that:
* you have already achieved a lot in your life: you are, in fact, far ahead of the curve;
* you have the energy, the talent, and the drive to go after your goals;
* you are truly special and unique at the core of your being; and that core self is what truly defines you, not the specific outcomes of your life. Thus, a specific outcome may be failure at a given task; but that does not make you a failure: all that happened was that an action of yours failed. Never confuse you (your core self) with your specific thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

More information and insights can be found in the many books of Paul Hauck, specifically Overcoming the Rating Game:

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