Friday, March 12, 2010

My Essay is Featured on the WOW! Women on Writing Blog!

My essay "From Almost Famous ... to the Cutting-Room Floor" is featured today on the WOW! Women On Writing Blog as part of their "Friday Speak Out!" series. I am very honored and thrilled. Here is a little teaser:

Soon, my face will be on that big screen, I thought, as the plush theater seats steadily filled around me for the red-carpet premiere. I’ll be famous!

Okay, almost famous. Or, maybe, recognizable. Possibly. Around campus.

“Why are you here, dear?” asked the Versace-dressed woman beside me in the center-aisle VIP second-row seats.

I tried, but failed, to hide my smile. “I’m in The Movie,” I said, excitement overwhelming any small dose of humility I possessed.

Read the rest at:

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Jana Gifford said...


Is this a fiction essay, or did you actually appear in a movie? I'm totally a fan either way.

Jana Gifford

Marinbambu said...

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Dallas said...

Thanks, Jana! It's a real-life essay, and it wasn't much of a "movie" ... that's part of what made it a funny/embarrassing experience. I was just getting ready to send you an e-mail. Check your inbox soon! :)

Anonymous said...

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