Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Markets for Young Writers

Thanks to Writer's Gazette for calling my attention to these markets for young writers! (Note: I am not endorsing these publications in any way. But they are opportunities to check out if you are interested!)

* Benchmark Group
We want talented young writers who speak clearly to their generation. Following the guidelines doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a publishable manuscript that will be accepted. Some things can be taught about writing, but we believe that there is a definite gift that all good writers have. We are looking for the best young writers we can find. Our editors will have final say about whose work we publish. (If it comes to our attention that one of our authors or a potential author is involved in any immoral or illegal situation that is of their own choosing, we have the right to pull their published book(s) and/or to not publish what is being considered.)

* Young Christian Writers
PAY: $10 - $20
We are interested in short stories, articles, poetry, and book reviews written by Christian students (ages 12-18). To be considered as a book reviewer, please send us a sample of a book review that you have already written. Then if we are interested in your work, we will contact you with the title of a book that we would like you to read and review for our magazine. Also, see our Book Reviews page for important tips. Your work should be guided by Christian themes such as: truth, honesty, humility, love, kindness, faithfulness, purity, courage, service, obedience, honoring parents, Creation, sanctity of human life, and the sovereignty of God.

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