Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 Ways to Be Inspired

I subscribe to a daily email newsletter called "One Minute Motivator" by Edward W. Smith. Each day, Smith sends out a brief email with something to consider for the day and to get you motivated. I'd highly recommend signing up -- it is always a great start to my day!

The following is from a recent "One Minute Motivator" that I found especially applicable to the writing life:

Here are 7 ways to be inspired:

1. Approach things with a child-like wonder.

2. Be a continuous learner and watch your life expand.

3. Shift from negative statements to positive statements; change from "I can't" to "How can I?"

4. Clear out the clutter in you physical and mental environment.

5. Make notes of inspirational things you see around you.

6. Take time to reflect on what is going on in your life right now.

7. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

I think these are not only great ways to get inspiration for your writing, but for all aspects of your life as a whole!

Edward W. Smith is the author of Sixty Seconds To Success, the Producer/Host of the Bright Moment cable TV show, is President of The Bright Moment Seminars, and a motivational speaker. Visit the Bright Moment Blog at


Karen Cioffi said...

Dallas, great post; I love the 7 ways to be inspired. I also subscribe to a brief writing/life morning email, The Morning Nudge.

These simple emails can give you food for thought and guide your day.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

Dallas Woodburn said...

Thanks Karen! I'll have to check out The Morning Nudge-- I love the title! :)