Tuesday, February 2, 2010

National Share the Love of Reading Month

Throughout the month of February, the nonprofit organization My Own Book (www.myownbook.net) is hosting a national Share the Love of Reading event. They are encouraging every teen and adult in the United States to buy a favorite children's book, read it to a child, and give the child the book. If you send an e-mail to Kyle and Brady Baldwin at kyleandbrady@myownbook.net, the amazing young founders of My Own Book will send a bookplate for every book you give out.

Need help Sharing the Love of Reading? If you know of a child or children in need of books, e-mail Kyle and Brady at
kyleandbrady@myownbook.net with your name and address (this may be a school). Please include the child’s first name and age for the personalized bookplate. They can send entire classrooms books if necessary.

This is a great project for service clubs, businesses, and schools to get involved in. If you would like to donate books to be read aloud, My Own Book will be happy to find readers for them!

My Own Book is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the joy of reading to less fortunate children through teens reading and letting children pick out their very own brand new books. Personalized bookplates are added to each book to solidify ownership.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with the busy founders of My Own Book, Kyle and Brady Baldwin, for an interview about the importance of sharing books and spreading a love of reading!

Why is reading and literacy so important?
Reading opens up the doors for children. Without books they cannot dream of a greater world, learn about new possibilities or explore new horizons. Books are the key to a better life.

What is your favorite part about being involved with My Own Book?
The great feeling you get when a kid hugs their book or giggles with glee at the thought that they get to keep this book and it is their very own! Book ownership empowers these children: many have grown up without a single book, most do not know the pleasure of owning brand new items.

What has been the most difficult part?
Getting schools to let us visit -- they always assume there is a catch. There isn't. We really just want to share the joy of reading with K-3rd graders.

Are there any life lessons you have learned through My Own Book?
A ton but the most important is probably the benefit we have experienced by reaching out to children and sharing the joy of reading. We have learned empathy and a greater awareness of our community.

What is your advice to other young people who want to make a difference through volunteering?
It is great! You'll meet people, develop new skills, and it will take you places you've never imagined. Follow your interests and perhaps you will discover your passion.

How can readers get involved with My Own Book?
Visit our website at www.myownbook.net. We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to read and give out books. We are happy to ship books and bookplates anywhere in the country. You'll feel great interacting with the children and doing good in your community. Please contact us! We'd love your help in reading and giving out books!

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