Monday, February 8, 2010

Write On! Contest Winners

We received more than 250 entries from all across the U.S., and even as far away as the U.K. and New Zealand! Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all our winners!

Short Story Contest

Middle School (6th – 8th grade):

1. Audrey Larson, "Tornado Watch"

2. Kienna Kulzer, "For The First Time in a Long Time"

3. Jesse Rubin, "Warrior"

H.M. Katelyn Larger, "My Old Dog"

H.M. Grace Euphrat Weston, "Rain"

H.M. Bernadette Augello, "The Familiar Stranger"

H.M. Zoe Appleby, "The Wolf's Defense"

H.M. Abigail Honaker, "Lightning Bugs"

H.M. Emily Saunders, "Anyone Can Make It"

H.M. Taylor Busse, "Socks"

H.M. Kendra Ellis, "Just Like That"

H.M. Josie St. Myers, "Wind"

High School (9th – 12th grade):

1. Emma Elisabeth Fosso McNairy, "Untitled"

2. Lucia Kemeng Chen, "Take My Hand"

3. Ioana Grosu, "Victory"

H.M. Danielle Lemmons, "Just One Day"

Poetry Contest

Elementary School (5th grade and under):

1. Regina Vestuti, "The Accidental Valentine"

2. Juliet McLachlan, "Instructions for the landscape"

3. Sidney Hirschman, "I Live in Song"

H.M. Bethany Krupicka, "The Things You Say"

H.M. Emily Amaro, "Lightning Strikes"

Middle School (6th – 8th grade):

1. Zoe Appleby, "Horse of Stone”

2. Robyn Dickason, "Untitled"

3. Ivy Pike, "The Beach"

H.M. Kaylin Barr, "Quiet, But Determined"

H.M. Gianne Braza, "Nature's Beauty"

H.M. Madison Watkins, "Mom"

H.M. Austin Rogers, “All is Well”

High School (9th – 12th grade):

1. Mirriam Neal, "Pegasus and Bellaphon"

2. Kayleigh Sephton, "The Perfect Dance"

3. Emily Nelson, "The Silver Rose"

H.M. Anna Geare, "Beauty Through The Fall"

H.M. Emma Elisabeth Fosso McNairy, "Real"

H.M. Gillian Zia Rutherfod Wenzel, "The Blue Room"

H.M. Janelle Jewell-Roth, "L├ípiz”

H.M. Leighton Suen, "I Let Go of You"

H.M. Cadie Underwood, "Without You"

H.M. Korina Chilcoat, "What Makes You Happy?"

Essay Contest

Elementary School (5th grade and under):

1. Ninad Mahajan, "The Fantastic Trip"

2. Nicole Bellmore, "The Humpback Whale"

Middle School (6th – 8th grade):

1. Isabella Spaulding, "My Journey"

2. Stephanie Latos, "On Top of the World"

High School (9th – 12th grade):

1. Emma Elisabeth Fosso McNairy, "Untitled"


Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you how excited I was that my poem, Pegasus and Bellaphon, won!! Thank you so much! My parents and I will get the form to you as soon as possible.

Dallas said...

Wonderful! Your poem is beautiful and I am so glad you submitted it. You are such a talented writer! Keep it up! :)

Lee Ee Leen said...

its great the young writers have a good headstart and encouragement