Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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I was recently interviewed by Girls' Life magazine about my career as a writer!

Here's the beginning of the interview:

Author and Write On! For Literacy founder Dallas Woodburn knows what it’s like to have one little event change her life.

When she was in fifth grade, her writing was published in the November/December ‘98 issue of Girls’ Life. Pretty cool, huh? Since then, Dallas has established Write On! For Literacy, a program that makes writing fun for kids. She teaches tons of workshops through her program and she just completed another novel that she hopes to get published.

Read on to find out more about her program and see what advice she has for girls who are just starting to write!

GL: What was it like to be published in fifth grade?

Dallas: It all started when I got a $50 grant from my elementary school to do something creative. I loved writing, so I put some of my poems and short stories together in a book. Then I printed out copies of the book and sold them to pay back the grant that I had received in school. They sold out in a couple of days. I was just over the moon.

That’s amazing how something so simple could start such a movement in your life.

It’s so true! And I just think what if I didn’t have the support? My whole life would be different now. I learned so many lessons through writing that have helped me in different areas of my life. Things like dealing with rejection and having confidence. I sent my book out to anywhere that I thought would be interested, including GL. I still remember getting the phone call from the editor and I was just so excited. And then after it was published, getting letters from other girls all over was such a neat experience.

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