Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Post by Wendy Graham: Make Money Writing Online Until You Make It Big

*Note: this article contains the opinion of the writer, Wendy Graham. Online degrees are a great option to consider, but the links mentioned are not endorsed by Dallas or Write On!

According to some studies, there are twice as many wanna-be writers as there are readers, but do not let that deter you. We all knew that writing was a competitive field, and though they may not want to admit it, that competition is at least part of the reason some writers were attracted to the field in the first place. Though every writer has to suffer through what seems like an endless stream of rejections, it only serves to make that first acceptance letter that much sweeter. Of course, you have to support yourself somehow until that big break comes, and you can't afford to take a job that commands all your time, leaving you none in which to write. So how can you make money doing something you love, as well as honing your skills, until you finally make it big in the industry?

There are actually a wealth of opportunities for the budding writer on the Internet. From ad copy to ghostwriting to web content provider, there are numerous jobs which pay real cash, money; there are also jobs for the writer who prefers the entrepreneurial route: professional blogger, independent blogger, even webmaster. Many of these can be undertaken while attending classes, or working toward getting your online writing degree.

You can work at getting an online writing degree or online English degree while working a menial job outside the home, but writing online is so much more satisfying. Not only are you doing what you love to do, you are making money at the same time! While there are many online writing opportunities, the fields are no less competitive than their print counterparts, but – just like those – do not let rejection get you down. An online writing degree will give you the edge you need in both worlds.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet until you make it big as a writer, and many involve writing – ad copy, content provider, professional blogger, and more - but getting an online English degree or online writing degree will give you the edge over your competition. In fact, many young writers work regular jobs, then use the money they make writing online to pay for the education they receive online. Getting a college degree online is easier than going the traditional route, and allows you more time for everything else. Though few online writing gigs offer bylines, they do pay money, and allow you to improve your craft at the same time.

This guest article was written by Wendy Graham who regularly writes about college related topics for OnlineCollegeGuru.com, an online college degree guide.

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