Friday, April 16, 2010

Magazines Looking for Kid & Teen Writers!

KidSpirit Magazine is a unique, unaffiliated spiritual magazine written by and for 11-to-15-year-olds. Their goal is to foster dialogue and understanding among kids of diverse backgrounds and traditions about values, spirituality and life's big questions. Free of advertising, KidSpirit empowers today's youth to explore deep issues and mankind's search for meaning in a spirit of openness. Upcoming themes include "The Body in Balance" and "Find Your Spirit in Art."

Guidelines are available for submitting online and by snail-mail:

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Polyphony H.S. is a student-run national literary magazine for high-school writers. The title is a combination of the Greek term meaning many voices, and the abbreviation for High School.

Polyphony H.S. was co-founded by Paige Holtzman (Latin School of Chicago ’06) and Billy Lombardo in August 2004. At that time, there was no other magazine like it in the country; that is, a professional quality, national literary magazine for high school writers, edited by high school students from public, private, and parochial schools; and there is still nothing like it in the world. Not only do the editors invite high school writers to submit their work for professional publication, but they also give editorial feedback to every author who submits a manuscript. This extends to continuing a dialogue with accepted authors in an effort to strengthen each piece.

When the first edition was published in the spring of 2005, they had received 156 submissions from 361 schools across the country and 23 published pieces. Submissions have grown steadily. In 2009 they received nearly a thousand submissions and published just 51 pieces. Submissions come from nearly all fifty states and and ten foreign countries, including Canada, the Czech Republic, England, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, and South Korea.

Find submission guidelines (and extensive, helpful advice!) at

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