Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vote for Write On!!!

Hi everyone! I have some VERY exciting news, and a favor to ask of you:

My literacy organization Write On! is up for a $5,000 grant from Glamour Magazine/Sally Hansen! Now is voting time, and votes are a big factor. Each person can only vote once.

I'm really trying to spread the word because this would be SO huge for Write On! It would help us create more Holiday Book Drive Chapters, award more scholarships, and get more kids excited about reading and writing!

Here's the link to vote:

You have to give your name and contact info so they can make sure each person only votes once. They say they won't use your info or give it to anyone, but of course if you don't want to, I understand.

However, if you do feel comfortable voting, and spreading the word to your friends -- even to just two or three people who you know would vote -- that would be fantastic!!!

Here's the link again: