Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Blog Event for Literacy

Our friends over at The Reading Tub -- huge supporters of Write On! and literacy -- sent me an e-mail about an exciting upcoming event from March 9-13, 2009. The online community of bloggers (librarians, teachers, authors, illustrators, and literacy advocates) at Share a Story-Shape a Future (http://www.shareastory-shapeafuture.blogspot.com) are launching a grassroots effort to promote reading. Their goal is to create a community of readers, one book at a time.

We aren't born readers; we learn to read. Reading is the foundation for all other learning, and like many other skills – shooting basketball, playing piano – it takes practice. Years of practice. Unfortunately, children in our communities don't always get the help they need to become successful readers. "Our purpose is to offer ideas on ways reading can be part of their everyday experience," says Terry Doherty, one of the event organizers.

Each day of the Share a Story-Shape a Future blog event has its own theme, with a host blogger and several guests. The organizers also have several giveaways planned, including a number of books related to reading. There will also be lots of free, downloadable content that includes ideas for making bookmarks and templates; links to book lists, children's book reviewers, and resources for selecting material; and tips for reading with kids and getting involved with your community.

Visit the Share a Story-Shape a Future blog today to learn more and to subscribe to the post feed for next week! http://www.shareastory-shapeafuture.blogspot.com