Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Opportunity for Young Readers

If any of you are interested in giving feedback to an author of an amazing, soon-to-be published book, check out the info below from my writing buddy Donna:

Youth Dream Team

If you are a young person who loves to read please visit my website for my novel, The Loose End of the Rainbow. I invite you to become a member of my Youth Dream Team. The story was written to inspire readers of all ages, but especially teens and young adults. The story is fantasy-fiction.

If you read my manuscript I will put your supportive quote on my website with your photograph and a short summary about you. You must email me your short summary and a web-quality photograph with your quote.

As soon as the book is published I will send you a free copy, of course. If you print out the manuscript please do not discard it without shredding the pages. If you are under eighteen I must have written permission from your parent or legal guardian. Everyone under eighteen will be listed without their city and last name.

Your quote does not have to be super long. I want to know what you think, in your own words.

Warmest Regards,
Donna B. Pacini
The Loose End of the Rainbow:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Talking to Students about Writing

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to speak to the eighth grade classes at Windemere Middle School. The students were a terrific audience -- listening attentively as I read a story from my book, asking insightful and interesting questions, and volunteering when I asked them questions. They even made a banner welcoming me to their school!

Talking to students is one of my favorite things -- they never fail to inspire me with their passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity about life. I think it is an important thing for writers -- or anyone! -- to remember: what made you fall in love with your passion in the first place? Sometimes I get wrapped up in the tedium and solitude of writing and the constant struggle to revise and make my work better. But after talking to a classroom full of kids about my writing process and what I love about writing, it re-opens my own eyes to the wonder and magic of the written word.

At the beginning of my talk, I always ask the students: "How many of you like to write?" Usually, a few shy hands raise. At the end of my talk, I ask the same question, and usually a lot more hands raise -- my own hand included. Talking to kids about my writing journey reminds me how blessed I am to be doing something I truly love.