Monday, August 13, 2018

Interview with E.K. Baer about her New Collection!

Talented young writer E.K. Baer has recently published a new collection of poems titled Down the Road (which is available on Amazon here -- there's even a Czech edition!) This is a stunning collection that showcases her continued evolution as a poet, and her fresh insights and wisdom about the world will blow you away. And, in a testament to her compassionate soul, E.K. is donating all proceeds from book sales to charity. Buy one for yourself, and buy a copy for a friend, too! 

E.K. was kind enough to stop by the blog today to answer questions about her writing process, how this second collection differs from her first, and where she finds inspiration. You can also read the interview she did with us after publishing her first collection of poems here

Congrats on this beautiful book, E.K.! I am so proud of you. 

Take us through your writing process when you were creating Down the Road. Was this a different experience from writing your first book, A Collection of Poems

When creating Down the Road, it felt as if I was suddenly ready to address all of the difficult and sad situations that I have been through over the years. When I was writing the poems of A Collection of Poems, I wasn’t really ready to go there. So, writing Down the Road was a very cathartic experience.

To you, what is the hardest part about writing? Do you have any advice for other writers who might struggle with this? 

The hardest part for me is the time when I am inspired, but am not quite able to find the right words to weave into a poem. What helps me is to write down the thought, get up, walk away, and come back to the poem later. Personally, if I push myself to come up with something when it doesn’t flow naturally, I’m not happy with it in the end.

What is the most fun or magical part of writing, for you? 

I love being able to weave my dreams into a sort of reality in front of me. Also, when I write I strive to make all the difficult times in my life relatable, and I feel better, in a way.

How do you think you have grown as a writer since your last book was published? 

I feel that, having read more of other people’s poetry, I have changed my style a little bit, and write a bit differently than I used to. I now feel more comfortable digging deep and letting the emotions tangled up inside of me come out.

Can you share a few of your favorite poems or poets? 

A few of my favorite poets and/or my favorite poems by them are:
  • Mary Oliver, "Angel" 
  • Robert Frost, "A Time to Talk" 
  • Emily Dickinson, "Because I Could not Stop for Death" 
What nourishes you and fills up your creative well? 

I am inspired by everything around me – the way the trees wave in the wind, the way the crickets chirp, all in all how beautiful the world can be. I come up with a lot of my poems just by looking out the window! Also, I try to turn my life experiences into a relatable form – poems.

Can you give us a peek into your writing routine? 

I really do not have a very strict writing routine – I write when I feel inspired, which is almost every day. Many days I write several poems/short stories in a day, and other days I just write one.

What are you working on now? What’s next for you? 

This summer, I was fortunate to travel a lot and see other cultures and places, which gave me a lot of inspiration. Currently, I am working on more new poems and a few short stories. I hope to create another book soon!

Anything else you’d like to add? 

When writing, I feel one needs to have people around who support you and your craft. For me, one of those people is Ms. Woodburn. She is always encouraging me and guiding me through my writing journey. Thank you, Ms. Woodburn!

Aww, it is my pleasure! Thank you E.K. for taking the time to join us today and to share your beautiful thoughts on poetry and writing.