Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Power of Words

No matter your political views, President Obama's inauguration speech today was a vivid reminder of the power of words to touch, move and unite people. His words inspired hope in my heart and a feeling of connection with strangers across not only our nation, but our world as a whole.

Not only are words powerful when said aloud to others -- the words we say to ourselves are also incredibly powerful, perhaps the most powerful of all. What words do you say to yourself? Do you lift yourself up, encourage yourself, push yourself to be better and learn and grow? Or do you beat yourself up, discourage your ideas before they get a chance to live, and destroy your dreams with negative thoughts?

What do you want from your life? How will you achieve those things? What words can you surround yourself with to fill your thoughts and speech and life with positivity?

It is also incredibly important to write down your dreams and goals. Hang them where you see them every day. Write down powerful mantras -- what about "Yes I Can!" -- for yourself.

Today was an exciting, empowering and hope-filled day for our nation. Extend that sense of optimism and courage to other aspects of your life -- today and every day.