Monday, August 31, 2009

The 12th Annual Method Fest is Looking for Submissions

This is one of my favorite independent film festivals -- a true treasure for creative artists and movie-lovers. The 12th annual Method Fest is scheduled for March 25 - April 1, 2010 in Calabasas, California. They are looking for character and story-driven films featuring strong acting performances. The Method Fest features American and foreign feature films and short films and is named after "The Method" school of acting, which revolutionized the approach in acting, particularly in film.

The Method Fest takes great pride in being a Discovery festival, looking to help launch the works of young fresh filmmakers and to discover breakthrough performances by young, bold new actors. The festival has also taken great delight in sharing career-defining performances of established performers and in showcasing a few chosen well-known directors to screen at the festival. "We've prided ourselves on not just following other festivals' lineups. We screen world premieres and true discoveries, mixed with a few top festival films, " says Don Franken, executive director of the Method Fest.

The 12th Method Fest will feature tributes to actors and top filmmakers in addition to acting workshops, panels and seminars. The Youth Program includes a short film and screenplay competition for middle school and high school students, and awards in filmmaking and acting.

Deadlines for film submissions are: October 1 (Early Bird), December 1 (Regular Entry) and February 1 (Late Deadline). For film submission information call (310) 535-9230 or visit the festival web site at You can also register through

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