Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have You Tried Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction -- sometimes also called "sudden fiction" or "short-short fiction" -- is a fun new genre to try your hand at. Some flash fiction is more like a prose poem, under 300 words, while other flash fiction stories are closer to 1,000 words or so. Most flash fiction focuses on a moment in time rather than a series of episodes -- like a snapshot rather than a short film. With such a brief space to work in, you really have to make every word and sentence count!

A neat thing about flash fiction is the freedom it gives you to push your boundaries, step outside of convention, and try something completely new! What do you have to lose? Only a few hours of your time! Surprise yourself! When I am feeling stuck in a writing rut, I often start a new flash fiction story. My imaginative spirit and love for writing is rejuvenated.

Want to read some flash fiction? There are many great resources. Flash Fiction Online and flashquake are two terrific online journals. I also love the anthology Sudden Fiction -- look for it at your local library or here's a link to the Amazon page.

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Jon Becker said...

Thanks for the heads up! might have to try that out sometime in the near future...