Friday, July 2, 2010

Guest Post by Jill Shure: Always a Reader

There was no single reason why I became a writer. There were several avenues that interested me. Acting was one of them. However there were several important elements which helped me decide to write: a vivid imagination and a love of reading.

For me, a vivid imagination helped me overcome a difficult childhood. The pictures and stories in my mind took me away from my problems. Many writers have experienced a challenging youth when a good imagination transformed their lives into something manageable. My parents separated when I was young, and my life was never the same after that. I escaped through reading. And later on, writing.

During my years in elementary school, I fell in love with those old Nancy Drew books, the original ones written before 1959. After them, I never stopped reading. By the time I was twelve, I was reading sexy adult paperbacks as well as books by Rudyard Kipling. I believe my passion for reading and an endless imagination became the basis for my desire to write. In high school, I took creative writing courses, receiving excellent feedback from my teachers.

Today, many people write. I hope they read a great deal, too, because both endeavors provide satisfying entertainment. When I'm involved in a good book or in the middle of writing a book, I am completely absorbed and deliciously content. The act of writing is a passion for me, something impossible to give up. I see my characters, hear their voices, and understand their desires and conflicts.

To anyone who believes they are meant to write, I suggest you read as much as you can. Both go hand-in-hand.

* * *

Jill Shure is the Benjamin Franklin Award-winning author of Night Jazz, Night Glitter, Night Caps, and the upcoming A Clause for Murder. When she's not reading or writing, Jill enjoys spending time at home and with her dogs. To learn more about Jill and her books, visit

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